Goose bumps swell on the surface of my skin
The shafts if my hairs raise and pores open
Electricity flowing through my veins
When your lips graze the side of my face
I feel the pinch of love
Oh tis so hard to sustain
To refrain myself from going in deep
Diving in your skin
Twill be a relief
Loniless you cure
Homelessness you obscure
You provide me a home inside your heart
And there i feel safe i shant ever depart
I love you more than i love myself
And i love you more than anything else
That’s the only way to define my feels for you
You are the epitome of a king
The epitome of love
The epitome of what i need
But i must refrain
I can’t chase
I feel like a lion about to attack its prey
I want to devour you
I want to eat you up
Make you my treasure
Lift you up
But i refrain
Only words i write will ever sustain my love for you
I can never speak them
Because i am too afraid
I am a coward of what i may possibly face
Or what if its nothing.
So i refrain.


I Love You

Can I just see you?

Pictures just aren’t satisfying me anymore

I want more

I need more

I can’t do this much longer

This long distance thing…

It has taken a toll on my heart

It longs for more than love words with us being apart

I miss you dear

I miss you J


Can I just hear you?

I long to hear your voice

Just so I can fall asleep to the vibrations it makes in my chest

Perhaps I can rest my head upon your chest

And get lost in the sound of your voice as if it was the sea

Washing over me and I drown in a trance

Putting me under a spell of your mesmerizing voice…

Can I just smell you?

To smell just your skin would light me up

Elicit an electric flow through my veins

My skin

Goose bumps form under the static raised hairs on my arms

My legs

They will tremble

As if your scent alone is a drug

I crave it

I taste it

I remember it

Like it was just yesterday

Did you know I still go back to that day?

That time and place when we embraced each other

And it seemed like it could’ve lasted forever

It was so hard to let go of you

It was all I could do to say good bye

Every ounce of my flesh to say “its time”

“Time to leave”

“We must go”

It was all I could do to let go of your hand…

And once I did

Regret settled in

I was two seconds away

From leaving my place

Jumping back out after you

For one last kiss

One last hug

One last time to touch your face.


I would do anything to just stroke your face right now

Intimately make contact with your beautiful skin

I would kiss you so passionately

I would squeeze you so hard

I would cry in your arms

Because I miss you so terribly

Too much even

I miss you too much

As if you no longer lived…

I miss you like that

So much.

When you cant talk

When you aren’t available

I go crazy

Thinking of how crazy you make me

And how much I love you

And miss you

Please baby

Come see me…

I think I am addicted

I am a drug addict

An addict of you

You are my drug

And I know you can’t see me

But I write what I’m thinking

I want to beg you to come

I will get on all fours

Humble myself

And beg for your presence

But I understand that’s nonsense.

But baby

I miss you so dearly

So much

I love you so much

Its been long since I have cried while expressing my heart through writing

But I will not hold back

Did you know sometimes I cry because I miss you so much?

I do.

I am now.

I have to hide my face

Blink fast

Breath deep

I don’t need people seeing

Have you ever loved someone so much you cried?

I have…


I’ve never cried about my love for someone until you

My feelings just swarm over me,

And it comes out in tears

Tears of joy because of your love

My love for you

Your love for me

Its just too much to bear at times

And now is one of those times

I am so grateful and at a loss for words how thankful I am that I found you

It amazes me where we once were

And where we are now



God is amazing…

And since I have fallen for you

Youre living proof

God’s amazing hand that formed an amazing creation.


I love you baby


Please don’t


Forget that.







Hello sunshine 🙂

Can I call you that, love?


When the rain of every day irritations

Cause a drought in my appreciation

of life

I know

I can count on you

to be my sunlight.

You’ll pull me through.

You make me a better person.

You light up the darkness around me;

Help me clean up the dirtiness inside me.


You are my sunshine.

I carry you with me everywhere i go.

In my heart,

If you must know,

You stay;

Never to stray.

You take my breath away.

You stole my heart,

But that’s fine.

You can keep it,

I trust you with it ;

To treasure it and to treat it,

With care

And protection,

With love

And devotion.

And sunshine

As you do with mine

I will with yours,

Lord willing.

I will hold your heart close.

I will love it daily, and more that most.

I will treasure it… well

I already do.

I will protect it from harm too.

And sunshine,

If ever a time it gets hurt

It will be because of someone else’s dirt,

But they will have had to gone through me first.

I will fight with all my might

To protect what is mine and what i cherish

For baby

I claim you

You are mine.

I hope you don’t mind

That statement sounds controlling…

But i rather think of it as territorial

Im like a wolf in sheeps clothing

I am territorial

And anything or anyone that comes close to you

Let it be known

I will raise my guard

And fight to defend your heart

This sheep is delicate

But this sheep can be a rabid wolf

Don’t be afraid…

I’m not too crazy

I just know to find a teeasure like you is nothing to take lightly

So i am careful not to lose you


Not really.

Being jealous is when you want something that is someone else’s.

You shouldn’t be jealous.

Because i am not anyone else’s.

Only yours.


So territorial…? let it be so.

You are my territory.

And i yours.


Lead Me

cc616dc17118861d4f4ad40035252e09Lead me

Lead me to faraway places

Take me away to a place where happy ever afters abide

Love will be the only thing I live on

And your breath

Your touch

Your love

What I survive from

You lift my heart

You lift my soul

From deep within

Where I buried it

Not long ago

I was hurt

Not long ago I was pained

But never mind the past or the present

For it will entrap us in a torment

Far apart we shall not stay

“Far apart” from each other we say

But close are our hearts that keep us afire

Closer than far is our souls’ connection

Looking to the future

Reaching to the finish line

I see the horizons ending

And I feel the other side

I strive to be the best I can be

And the Lord as my compass to reach …


He will lead us to the finish line

He will be our guide

But once we reach the end


Grab my hand

Lead me

Lead me to the oceans waters

Plunge me deep and I will suck in the water

Of love I shall swim in


Baptized within

Drown in an ocean of emotion

Lead me to my joy

Happiness is temporary

And you provide me happiness now

But when together we shall be

Joy shall overtake the sorrow that lays over my head

This roof I am under holds me back

This roof I am under is under attack

And I cant bear to feel the arrows anymore

Flaming arrows and fiery darts

that are burning and tearing this hedge apart

I am no longer safe

My security has been stripped

But the hope in knowing you will rescue me from this pit

Is the only thing that keeps my head from stooping

Lead me to joy

Lead me through sorrow

Lead me to the end

Hold my hand for an everlasting morrow

Lead me